For farming operations

supporting your journey to get your farm certified as per Organic Regulations including, but not limited to, Indian NPOP, USDA NOP, EU 834, EU 848, JAS, COR etc..



Certification Support:
We provide farmers with guidance and ongoing assistance throughout the certification process, ensuring they meet and maintain the required standards.
Competence Development:
Our programs focus on enhancing the skills of farm staff, evaluating their competence, and offering additional training when necessary.
Marketing Assistance: We offer expert advice on marketing organic produce and help establish valuable connections with distributors to expand market reach.
Farm Inputs Guidance:
Our recommendations ensure that farmers select and use farm inputs in compliance with organic regulations, preserving the integrity of organic practices.
Policy and Procedure Development:
We specialize in developing and documenting policies, procedures, and systems that adhere to organic regulations, guaranteeing alignment with the principles of organic farming.


Grower Group & ICS

Group Formation:
We create farmer groups interested in organic certification, encouraging collaboration and common objectives.
Establish ICS:
Our expertise ensures the setup of an Integrated Certification System (ICS) that adheres to organic regulations and standards.
ICS Training:
We offer comprehensive training to ICS members on organic certification procedures, documentation, and requirements.
Internal Audits:
Regular internal audits of the ICS help identify and address non-compliance issues and areas for improvement.
Farm Inputs Guidance:
We provide guidance on the selection and use of farm inputs (e.g., fertilizers, pesticides) in compliance with organic regulations, preserving organic integrity.
Policy and Procedure Development:
We develop and document policies, procedures, and systems aligned with required organic regulations, ensuring adherence to organic farming principles.
Certification Guidance:
Our support extends throughout the certification process, including ongoing assistance, documentation reviews, and guidance to ensure successful certification outcomes.



We specialise in intelligent & effective Search and believes in the power of partnerships to grow business. We use agronomic machine learning, remote sensing.

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